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I am connected again…

I'm connected again (Small)

   After many months of deliberation, I have decided to begin blogging again. I had been doing very poorly at keeping my old blog current, but my recent purchase of a new camera (thanks Jason and Gwen for the delivery) has motivated me to try again.

  I plan to focus on photos that I have taken to give me a reason to blog.  I am learning a lot about photography and have taken a few photos that are worthy of sharing with others (the photo above isn’t one of them, but I needed something to keep with the theme).  On a trip to South Africa earlier this year, I picked up a new directional wireless antennae which has made a huge difference in our connection reliability.  Please note the high quality installation Smile.

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  1. Jamie Sanfilippo
    August 26, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Nice to see you online again. Guess I could’ve used one of those attenna’s in Macha, eh? No, wait – I needed a satellite dish! :)

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