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Today is a big day.  I now live on a paved road or as they call it here, a tarmac road.  The national presidential elections are being held on September 20th and the party in power is doing everything they can do influence the vote.  (They did little before the last couple of months).  They have been working on our road for nearly two months and Zambians were joking that if the road isn’t finished before the election, it may never get finished.  They also joke that Zambia should have elections every year because that is the only time things get done.  Fortunately, they got it complete with 10 days to spare.

Believe it or not, our road had been paved at one time but had not been maintained and the only evidence was a few random chunks of concrete.  It looks like they did a good job with the new road and even put in drainage for rainy season and a sidewalk.  The road had been in pretty bad shape and was the source of a great deal of dust as it hasn’t rained for months. 

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