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School Break

October 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

  The boys school let out on Wednesday and they don’t return until the 25th of October!  We have one more week of vacation left, so I was anxious to get out of Lusaka.  We had to make lots of adjustments to the plan for various reasons but we know have the plan.  Tomorrow morning at 7am, we will drive to Kafue National Park.  It is a huge park (the size of Massachusetts and, I believe the second largest in Africa).  We have been there before but we are going to a different part and hope to see my last two goals… wild dog and cheetah.  We are self-catering to keep costs down and staying three nights. 

  We will return on Wednesday and I will have one day to get my gear together for a camping trip to another national park, Lochinvar.  This will be an adventure as there is nothing there, no toilets, no water, nothing.  We are also camping in normal flimsy tents for the first time.  Cynthia and Jason are opting out (not a bad decision since this is the hottest and buggiest time of the year).  It will be myself and Jared and Justin and four young people from our organization (SALTer’s) who just arrived in the country about two months ago and don’t have transport to get to the parks.  While it is adventurous, Lochinvar doesn’t have any large predators so it isn’t too adventurous.  It does have hippos, crocs, and buffalo which can be dangerous but it is known for it’s antelope and birdlife.  We will be staying for two, possibly three nights.

  In summary, I am excited as I love being in the bush.  I hope to have some good photos when I return but batteries may limit how much I can take.

  Our boys found some eggs at church in the dirt and transported them home.  We have had several geckos hatch and the boys have let them go in the house.  (This is normal as the geckos help control mosquitos and other pests and they are fun to watch scamper across the wall).


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