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Zimbabwe: Country Review

  As I mentioned, the reason for the trip to Zimbabwe was to be part of a three person team reviewing the work of the MCC program in Zimbabwe.  Every five years, each countries program are evaluated.  The group consisted of myself (as the MCC person “from” Africa), Dean (the team leader and non-MCC), and Sibo (a very talented Zimbabwean woman).  We spent lots of time in meetings and travelling.  In the evenings, we worked on documentation but the power supply is very poor and was out nearly every evening.  The in the city center the power is constant but in the areas surrounding the city (i.e. homes), the power is very unreliable so we would charge our batteries when there was power and were able to work when it was out.

  The country reps for Zimbabwe are Esther and Marcellin Danhoundo and they were great hosts.  Dean and I shared an entire house and a lady came and prepared dinner for us so when we got home, everything was ready.  She was an excellent cook and I am quite sure I gain weight on the trip.

  Here are a few pictures of the work related aspects of the trip…



A photo with some of the members of the community committee.  In Zimbabwe, MCC has organized committees within the school that decide how some of the funds should be used.  This has greatly increased the parental involvement in the school.



Very little investment in schools has resulted in many classes being held in the shade of trees.



I found this written on the board in a classroom.  Religious education is part of the standard curriculum.


It is not uncommon for children to walk anywhere from 2 to 15 kms for school.  At this particular school, bicycles had been donated to help with that challenge.  Little studying can be done when you don’t reach home much before dark. 



For students who live too far away, MCC has supported a program the school calls “bush boarders”.  The children stay at the school the entire week and only return home on the weekends.  They sleep on the floor in the classrooms.  Amazingly, the school has discovered that these kids perform the best despite the challenges.  They benefit from the electric lights at the school and having others around who are also studying.



If you look at the previous photo, you will see rows of these toilets.  This particular one is designated “VIP Male Toilets”.

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  1. Joan
    June 20, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Jonathan, thanks for the updates. I so enjoy reading them. I print them out and give them to my Mom.

  2. Sallie Hoy
    June 20, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Enjoyed the post. There is so much taken for granted in our American schools – – by all – – -students who don’t understand the value of a good education, full bellies, and transportation to school – – -adults who don’t appreciate all of the modern conveniences in our schools. Thanks for sharing.

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