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Livingstone & Victoria Falls

  Since our original plans were out the window but we still have three nights reserved deep in Hwange National Park, we decided that it would be best to travel to Victoria Falls so we could get a jump on the drive to Hwange (see map from previous post).  We decided on two nights and visited the falls and Mosi o Tunya National Park (small park very near Victoria Falls with animals but no predators – The name means "the smoke that thunders” and was one of the local names of the falls before Livingstone claimed them in the name of Queen Victoria).

  We started the full day we had in Livingstone at Mosi o Tunya as the animals are most active in the early morning and late afternoon.  When we entered the park, the gentleman at the gate suggested we talk to the guards further down about visiting the rhino’s.  As in all of Africa, the rhino is being poached at an incredible rate and this park is one of two in Zambia that still has rhino.  They are guarded 24 x 7 which means that the staff always know where they are.  You can see them with a private company for $90 per person or you can ask the staff to take you.  We asked the staff…  The gentleman jumped into the truck with us (adults in the cab, kids in the open back) and directed us where to drive.  We then got out and were escorted a short distance on foot to the rhinos.  We were able to get amazingly close (too close for some in the group).


  Both families had been to Victoria Falls before but the Ulbricht’s hadn’t hiked down to the ‘boiling pot’ at the base of the falls which is something our boys love to do.  It is a fairly easy hike down as you have gravity on your side and at the bottom there is a large rocky area that the boys like to explore.  The hike up is a lot more work and you get quite hot so it is a great prelude to walking over the ‘knife’s edge” bridge which gets you wet from the spray of the falls.  We missed out on the bridge as one of the kids wasn’t feeling well.


  We returned to our hotel, ate lunch, and then visited the Livingstone museum.  I was keen to visit the park again in the evening (we had already paid for the day) so I drug Natasha (Mrs. Ulbricht) and Justin along.

IMG_0210IMG_0221Red billed ox peckers

  The next morning we set off for Hwange…

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