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Ice Cream and an Angry Bird

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   Hot season has begun.  Thanks to the high elevation, Lusaka is still pretty nice as long as you can avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day.  A little ice cream certainly helps.  In general the ice cream in Zambia is pretty bad.  There is a place for soft serve that the kids like but, in my opinion, it is not worth the bother.  Thanks to the advice of the Herr’s, we have an ice cream maker that has been put to good use lately.  It is like a crock pot, where the crock comes out and you store it in the freezer.  All you do is stir up the ingredients (cream, milk, sugar and whatever else you like) and put them in the “crock”.  There is a handle that turns and in about 20 minutes, you have ice cream!  Good ice cream. 

   Cynthia and I both agree that the best ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch so I set out to make it last Sunday.  I made toffee and poured it over chocolate chips (thanks mom!).  After it cooled, I broke it into pieces and then made coffee ice cream.  Toward the end of the mixing process, I put the chunks in and it turned out quite good.  Now I am hooked.  It is relatively cheap, easy, and delicious.  Bring on hot season!



Angry Bird

   Weavers are fairly common all around Zambia.  They are the birds that build the immaculately weaved nests with the hope that the female will find it acceptable.  We have a pair nesting in the bamboo near the house and the male has been working for quite a while (with a few rejected nests).  It seems that he has finally built one that has gained the females approval (I am trying really, really hard not to make a smart comment about now).  Now it seems that he must defend the nest from any other male, which makes sense in a world without mirrors.  Unfortunately, he has taken to “attacking” his reflection in the mirrors of parked vehicles.  He is so obsessed that he can normally be found on one of the cars pecking at the mirror and allows you to get very close before flying a short distance away only to resume the fight as soon as you walk away.


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