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Recent Trips

October 31, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

  Every year we get a new group of young adults who are part of MCC’s SALT program (Serving and Learning Together).  Because it is difficult to reach Zambia’s national parks without private transport, I have begun a routine of taking them camping.  While I can make it sound noble, the truth is that I love being in the parks and this is just a good excuse to go.  Normally, we have a mix of men and women but this year, we have four young women.  I thought it would be awkward so I asked Cynthia to join us.  Her exact words were “I don’t camp in October, it is too hot to camp.”  (Remember this quote)  I was able to find some others who were willing to go, so we scheduled our weekend in Kafue National Park for Oct. 19 – 21st.

   As you may know, Cynthia has gotten into birding and, as we like to say, she has become a “bird nerd”.  We have a friend who is a guide and runs a business arranging and guiding various trips for birds or other wildlife.  (This is the guy who took us python hunting and led Cynthia’s trip to Bangweulu where she saw the shoebill stork).  Cynthia received an email with upcoming trips and forwarded it to me.  She then sheepishly walked into my office and asked if I had looked at the email.  She was interested in going on a trip to see the black cheeked love bird in the southern part of Kafue National Park (it is pretty much only found in that area).  As I mentioned, I love going to the parks and while I am not as keen on birds as Cynthia, any excuse to go to the park will do.  However, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass as the trip was the weekend before my trip with the SALT’ers.  Which means that Cynthia was now asking me to go camping in October!  Yes, I am still reveling in telling this story. 


  Both trips were great  (See Cynthia’s tent and the black cheeked love bird above).  I won’t bore you with all of the details.  But here are the best photos from the two trips…

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  1. Joan
    October 31, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Jonathan, you won’t want to come back home. This pictures are great. What memories you all will have. Thanks for sharing.

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