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Another weekend in Kafue National Park

November 20, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

  My new coworkers at iSchool that went camping with us last month asked if we would be interested in going to Hippo Lodge with them.  Apparently they have caught the safari bug as well and it didn’t take too much arm twisting to convince us to go back to Hippo Lodge.  Friday morning we loaded up and drove to Hippo (about a six hour drive) and spent two nights in Stony House (a rustic stone and thatch house with a kitchen for self catering).

  The first evening was a bit disappointing.  We didn’t see much on the game drive and no predators after dark.  It was still nice to be out in the bush.  We were all up around 5:15 and quickly ready to head out again.  We didn’t see any predators but we did come across a family of jackals and we got to watch them for a while.


  In typical safari style, we just relaxed for the remainder of the morning and afternoon.  There was a small pool and the kids made very good use of it.  We were there for about 48 hours and I believe the kids swam 7 or 8 times.  Later in the afternoon, we went for a river safari.  The water was very, very shallow as the rains haven’t yet come in earnest.  We saw some crocodiles, lots of hippos, elephants, and lots of birds, which made Cynthia happy.  Cynthia is turning Kylie into a birder.  The kids also had an opportunity to fish for a short time.



  We returned at sunset and ate a spaghetti dinner by lamplight.  Cynthia stayed back with the sleeping kids while Mike, Kylie, Jared and myself went for a late night drive.  We were rewarded for our diligence by a great view of a leopard and then five lionesses.  The lions were doing what lions do… resting but we were able to get quite close.  On the way back, we saw an African wild cat, which was new for me.  It looks like a normal house cat, which makes sense as this is the “original” cat that the Egyptians domesticated.


  After about 6 hours of sleep, we were up again, hoping to find the lions still in the same area.  Fortunately, I was able to remember enough of the way to find our way back to that location.  The previous night we heard some male lions calling near the females but were unable to find them.  This morning, they were sitting right beside the trail!  There were two large males, a female, and two older cubs.  This time we were driving our own vehicle and the kids were up on the roof rack with Mike when we came across the lions, a great, if not scary experience.  We watched them interact for a while and even those who missed the lions the night before were satisfied.


  Upon returning, we began to pack up the house for our trip back.  For those of you who know our boys, our eldest, Jason, who has no interest in most animals, requested to not to have to go on the game drives.  We made him go on a few but even after returning and telling him about what we saw, he didn’t seem in the least bit jealous.  He would rather watch geckos catch insects while reading.  He also claims that he studied as he has exams this week. 

  We had another great trip and are so thankful for the opportunity to see these animals in the wild.  (more photos below)

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  1. Bruno
    November 20, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Great story, great shots and sound like a fantastic weekend for all. Keep up the good photography! BB

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