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South Africa

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   We have just recently returned from a trip to South Africa.  Every two years, MCC has a regional retreat and this year it was held in Durban.  Durban is on the east coast of South Africa and is known for it beaches (Indian Ocean).  We arrived a week early and had a vacation prior to the meetings.  I tried to ensure that there was something for everyone, birding for Cynthia, wildlife and beaches for myself, Jared and Justin and for Jason, tide pools.  We vacationed with the Ulbricht family who is also with MCC in Zambia and there are two boys in the family similar in age to our boys.  I tend to pack a bit too much into our vacations and this one was no exception.  Even I was happy to get to the MCC retreat so that I could recover from the previous week.  Here are a few photos and highlights of our vacation.

IMG_4094  We spent two nights in an area called Mtunzini which had beaches and hiking trails through fairly dense jungle.  There were lots of birds but tall trees and lots of leaves, so the birding wasn’t as good as I had hoped for Cynthia.


  The boys enjoyed the beach and we had fun trying to catch the crabs. 


  We then moved on to Mkuze Game Reserve where we saw lots of wildlife.  The Nyala antelope (above) was new for me and quite an impressive creature.  We saw lots of wildlife and did an evening game drive.  It is rainy season there also so the wildlife was not as easy to see as in dry season but we still managed to see quite a bit.


  Our last stop was St. Lucia which is a large wetland/wildlife reserve.  It was amazing.  The photo above was the view from our second story deck.   Between us and the ocean was a estuary with lots of birds and wildlife.  This area has so much to see and do.  The beach was wonderful, lots of wildlife and birds, hiking trails, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and much more.


   Ingo Ulbricht and I went for a hike which was great but despite the warnings, we didn’t encounter any of the dangerous animals.  It is a strange thing to hike in an area with dangerous animals as part of you is hoping to come across something but part of you is also happy not to.

Cape Vidal Beach - Panorama 2

  We visited Cape Vidal which had a great beach and also snorkeling and tide pools.


  Jason especially enjoyed the tide pools and he and Justin captured several “specimens”. 


  We also purchased two “boogie boards” for the boys.  Everyone, including the adults, enjoyed these.


  The 30 km drive from St. Lucia to Cape Vidal is essentially a long, beautiful game drive.  As you can see, we had a wonderful vacation.

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  1. Joan
    December 27, 2012 at 3:53 am

    What great experiences you and the family have gained. Once in a lifetime. I am so happy for all of you. I hope you had a great Christmas. We have had a big snow storm today. Sorry you all missed it.

  1. December 28, 2012 at 5:35 pm

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