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My Day

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

   At 6:25am I awoke to the pain of Justin jumping on my back.  Cynthia gets the boys ready for school and I drive them to school and it is normal for the boys to wake me up.  I crawled out of bed and did my parental duty.  I normally return home around 7am and have coffee and read email and news before going to work.  The Internet wasn’t working and I had a lot of work to do that required the internet so I purchased “unlimited” internet on my phone, which can then allow my computer to access the internet through my phone.  Immediately after the purchase went through, I heard the sound of an email arriving on my notebook.  The Internet was back on and I just “wasted” $3.  This was just the beginning…

   I was to meet Issa, my partner, at the MCC Office and deliver a computer to his office.  The roads in that area are terrible, especially in rainy season, so I asked the Fasts if I could use the truck today.  I worked at home and picked Issa up at the office and fought the traffic to downtown.  Yes, Lusaka has traffic problems.  It is amazing how many more cars are on the road now than even 1 year ago.  There are no bypasses, overpasses, or routes around the city.  I needed to stop at the post office to collect a package but there was no parking and we decided to park at Issa’s office and walk to the post office.  We arrived at the post office and I handed the slips to the gentleman behind the counter.  He informed me that the packages were at the main post office.  I smiled as I was just there on Saturday to collect a package and he told me the same thing.  At the time I asked him how I could tell which post office to collect from and he said that if it didn’t say “Freedom Way” I was to go to the main post office.  Today’s slips said “Freedom Way” but I was still directed to the main post office.  We both smiled as it is just another example of how things work here.

  We went back to Issa’s office and I was able to setup a computer that was donated.  His “office” is just a small room next to a kapenta processing facility (kapenta are small dried fish which stink, in my opinion).  He had several other items he wanted me to look at… his phone, the printer, etc.  We always have good conversations as Issa and I have become good friends and we can debate many topics.

  After leaving the office, I was back in traffic on Lamumba Road, which is not the best area and is known for pretty theft.  I thought I had just locked the doors but someone opened my door.  I looked out and while I did someone opened the passenger door and reached in and took my phone.  I was too slow to catch on to what was happening although I knew this type of theft happened in this area.  I was mad because I should have known better and should not have allowed it to happen.  I was also mad because I particularly abhor thieves in Zambia since there are many, many who are poor but very few who choose to be thieves.

   I then drove to the Main Post office and arrived slightly after 12:30 knowing that they take lunch at 1pm.  No one was at the counter but I had brought a book (I have done this enough to know to bring a book).  I was hoping the person would return before lunch but around 1:30 someone told me the person went to the airport and would be back at 3pm.  It would have been nice to put up a sign, but again, this is Zambia…

   I left the office and picked the boys up from school.  They were disappointed that I hadn’t gotten the package because they were expecting some  good stuff from Grandma.  Eric Fast, my boss, needed a ride back into town to pick up a vehicle that had been in the shop.  I left the boys home while I took Eric back into town and then proceeded to the Post Office and was able to quickly pick up our package.  It was then on to the mobile phone shop to get a replacement SIM card for my phone.  I had to fill out two forms including three numbers that I call frequently (to ensure it was my SIM).  I had just lost my phone, how am I supposed to know the numbers I call!!! Smile  With some effort, I was able to provide the numbers.  But then I was told the system was down and I should come back in an hour.  Good thing I still had my book.  It didn’t take long and I was on my way. 

  The highlight of the day was returning home and opening the package from my mother which includes various items for the family and LEGO’s for the boys.  While not a typical day in Zambia, it was noteworthy.

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  1. Joan
    February 13, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    I am glad to hear that at least one package arrived. I truly enjoy your blog. Have a better day today.

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