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   Termites are everywhere in Zambia but, normally, not in houses as they like wood and houses in Zambia are made of mud or concrete.  Recently we had to move Cynthia’s desk for some work to be done on the house.  Under her desk is a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply or battery backup).  Our computer is plugged into this for protection as well as keeping the computer running when the power fluctuates.  I noticed that termites had invaded.  Over the next fews days, it got worse.  The strange thing is that there isn’t any wood anywhere around the UPS, just concrete.

UPS and Termites (3)

   Cynthia mentioned that it had been “popping” so I decided I’d better quit procrastinating and clean it up.  Termite bodies dry out when exposed to normal air, so they create tunnels in which they can move.  These tunnels are a mixture of spit and dirt.  I was not able to lift the UPS, it was stuck in place.  After some prying, I was able to free it.  It turns out they were using the UPS as a nursery (yes, all of those white things are either termites or larvae).

UPS and Termites (1)

   It is all cleaned up and there is no more “popping”.  My best guess is that the UPS was attractive because it stayed warm.  Cynthia was glad I did it while she was sleeping. Smile

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