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Weekend Retreat

IMG_8007  Over the past weekend, we had a retreat on lake Kariba.  Lake Kariba was created by damming the Zambezi River which is the river that eventually leads to Victoria Falls.  It supplies a great deal of hydro electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe (it was a joint project).  It is a very scenic area with beautiful sunsets and is only about three hours drive from Lusaka.

IMG_8245IMG_8253IMG_8277  The point of the retreat was just to relax and it was very relaxing.  Our boys got to link up with their friends Tobin and Noah (the Ulbricht family, whom we vacationed in Zimbabwe and South Africa with last year).  There isn’t much wildlife in the area, which has its advantages as we can let the boys roam.  The lake is home to hippos and crocs but the area we were in was too shallow for them.  The boys played in the lake and there was a swimming pool.


  We visited the dam, which is always interesting.  This time, there was a gate open with stairs leading to the base of the dam.  Since there were no signs indicating this was off limits, the majority of our group walked to the base.  As we were about to leave a truck came racing in and a not too happy man in charge of security informed us that this area was off limits.  He hauled off two of our group (I won’t say which two) but it was all handled well and they were released.


A look down on the “perps” who went to the base of the dam.

  On the way we stopped and purchased some baobab fruit (seed pods is more accurate) from a child selling along the road.  This is always a tough dilemma… Is buying encouraging the parents/guardians to have the children sit by the road or is it providing income that is critically needed… or both?  When we stopped, two young boys offered a bunch of the pods for 5,000 kwacha ($1).  Quickly two older boys ran up wanting to sell for 10,000.  They pushed the little ones out of the way so I purposely bought from the little ones.  After driving away, I wondered if the older boy would take the money from the younger.  (The fruit are hard seed pods that fall from the trees.  Inside there are seeds surrounded by a white, tart, pasty substance.  Not everyone likes it, but I do.)


As I said it was a nice weekend and very relaxing.  I will post a bit more of the “wildlife” from the trip in a day or two.   Here are a few more photos from the weekend…


We stopped at one of the large baobab on the way.



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  1. Aubrey Moono
    April 18, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Looks like you have a good and refreshing moment. Keep enjoying the beauty of Africa and Zambia as a whole!

  2. Kimberly Hunt
    April 18, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Beautiful photos. The boys are getting so big. Wish we;were there :)

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