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The (small) wildlife of Siavonga

  Here are some photos of the “wildlife” we encountered on our weekend retreat. 


I don’t know what this is but appears to be a wingless grasshopper or cricket.  They were walking all over the dirt road to Sandy Beach.


  Cynthia (apparently bored of the meeting) noticed a chameleon on the palm tree.  Ingo rigged up a stone and rock that we were able to toss over the branch and lower it to within reach.  


He walked right onto my hand.  For several of the people present, this was there first view of a chameleon.


There were two Zambians in our group (one returned from a year of service in Brazil and the other in Indonesia).  Zambian’s have many traditional beliefs about chameleons and none of them are positive.  After watching the rest of us, Brighton got up the courage to hold it.  As you can, see it was tough for him at first.


As you can see, he survived and even enjoyed it. 


They tend to like being in high places, so it is common that they will walk right up your arm to your head.  (They can move their eyes independently and if you look closely, he is looking at the camera).




Just before the cruise Jason discovered a tree frog.  He asked to bring it on the cruise and I allowed it as long as it made a “round trip”.  I think this photo sums Jason up pretty well.  He loves sweets (Sprite in this case) and small creatures.


On the drive home I noticed a snake beside the road and backed up to get a photo.  It appears to be a female boomslang, which are very poisonous and my first boomslang!

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  1. April 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    I was not bored of the meeting. The chameleon happened to be right above Eric’s head in my line of sight. As my gaze drifted upward slightly, while still listening, I could clearly see the chameleon’s silouhette against the bright sky. I was paying very close attention. :-)

  2. Joan
    April 19, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    Thanks for the photos, but you could have left the snake out.

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