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The first part of our trip was to spend two nights in the Okavango delta camping on a mokoro trip.  A mokoro is a dug out canoe that sits low in the water and is used in many parts of southern Africa.  It is especially associated with this area as it is used to navigate all of the channels and narrow waterways of the delta.  To guide us, we had two “poler’s” Brighton and Rasta.  They are called poler’s because rather than paddle the mokoro, it is pushed through the reeds using a long pole. 



  It was very relaxing.  The delta was very beautiful.


  The one thing that was a bit disappointing was the lack of wildlife.  The wildlife is very seasonal here and it seems it was zebra season.  On one walk, we stalked a herd of zebra.  Other than that we only saw monkeys, hippo, and lechwe (water loving antelope).


  One thing that I enjoy about being in remote areas is the opportunity to try and capture the night sky.  Often when I am in a remote place, standing in the dark trying to take a photo isn’t a good idea since many dangerous animals hunt at night.  I decided it was safe enough at night to get some photos of the Milky Way.


  I also got out early one morning to catch some pictures of the sun rising over the water.


  Our guides also showed us a place where it was safe to swim and, after giving us some lessons, set us loose with the mokoro.



  Despite the lack of wildlife, it was a great opportunity to experience the Okavango.

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