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Bad parenting–Jonathan style (#1)

   My mother visited which was a good excuse for going to a national park.  I heard good things about a placed called Mushingashi, which is just outside Kafue National Park in what is known as a Game Management Area (GMA).  I view this as a good thing because the parks have rules for protecting people who visit but the GMA just has you sign a waiver that they aren’t responsible for anything you do.  For example, in National Parks, you aren’t allowed to get out of your car and walk around.  In National Parks, you aren’t allowed to drive after dark.  You know, rules for intended for “stupid tourists” not for experienced persons such as myself. 

  Reflecting on our trip, I decided that a couple of the events may, by some people, be considered a wee bit less than cautious…


Example #1

   Ideally, we like to go on game drives with a guide in a nice open air safari vehicle.  However, they are expensive, especially when compared to the DIY safari.  Rather than a professional guide, I do the driving.  Rather than nice elevated, open air seats, you either sit in the truck cab or, due to my amazing foresight, sit comfortably in a lawn chair in the open back of the truck.  The boys love riding in the open back and so do I, but somebody has to drive so Jared and Justin were in the back alone.  As we drove, we passed large herds of puku and impala, occasional warthogs and other animals.  As we rounded a large termite mound, we found two lions very, very near the road.  I stopped and, like any good parent with two young boys in the open back of a truck 20 feet from lions,  I rolled down the windows and picked up my camera!


  After a couple of snaps, Justin quietly asked if we would move a bit farther from the lions.  Being the protective father that I am, I obliged and drove a bit down the road.  I then asked Cynthia if she would drive and jumped into the back of the truck.  The boys, ever confident of their father’s ability to fight off hungry lions, opted to stay in the back of the truck with me.  Cynthia then drove us back to the lions and parked.  Soon the female got up and walked into the bush.


    Shortly after she walked away, the male got up with an intense stare that meant the hunt was on. 


   The female flushed a bush buck (small antelope) out of the thick brush near the male but it easily got away.  The male (less than 25 feet from us) then turned and looked directly toward us.  For a moment, I was concerned and tightened my grip on the folded lawn chair (my brilliant plan for protection) but he lazily walked off and found a comfortable spot nearby.


    Before you call the local Child Welfare office bear in mind that lions don’t see a vehicle full of tourists as a vehicle full of potential lunches, at least that is what I read somewhere Smile.

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  1. Joan
    August 14, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    Just great, Jonathan. I can’t wait to talk to Donna when she returns. The stories she will have.

  2. August 14, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Spooky story! Incredible photos, but I’m not sure I’d put complete trust in the idea that people on a vehicle don’t look like steaks.

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