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Bad parenting–Jonathan style (#2)

   If you go on a real safari, they have nice boats to take you on the river.  But the place I choose only provided boat rides if you brought the fuel and the 2 stroke engine oil.  While we had beautiful views of the river from the camp (especially at sundown), it is nice to go out onto the river, so we did.


   I arranged for us to take a ride in the afternoon and everyone came along (my family of 5 plus grandma).  Since we were a large(r) group, we didn’t fit in the nice boat but we were provided a very adequate boat and a “skipper” named Patson.

   As we approached the boat, I saw no sign of life vests which wasn’t a big concern to me.  The water level is low, so you really don’t even need to know how to swim and we can all swim.  Besides, on a past safari, the boys all had a reaction to some chemical on the life vests so they were happy to go without.  None of the adults made any mention of the fact despite knowing there were large crocs, hippos, and elephants all around.  We went up river a bit and saw a large group of hippos on the shore.


   We stopped and Patson and I helped the boys fish a little.  There were four elephants on the opposite shore that gave the rest of us something to watch while the boys fished.


   Justin has become deathly afraid of elephants ever since I (unknowingly) drove into the middle of a large herd with babies two years ago.  While they never got too close to us, there was one elephant that chased us about 150m with me driving in reverse as fast as I could go.  Apparently, Justin didn’t mind these elephants and enjoyed his fishing.


  After a bit of fishing, Patson took us down stream as it was too shallow to go further upstream.  I saw a small stream emptying into the larger river and was thrilled when Patson took us up the stream.  The stream was much narrower than the river and within minutes a large croc snapped at the air about 5 meters from my mom.  Then we saw several large crocs slide into the water as we approached.  Cynthia began to freak out a bit and Patson was concerned she might flip us.  (In reality, Cynthia was just moving toward the center of the boat, which wasn’t a bad plan).  The was a bridge that was out and blocked the river, so Patson had to turn us around.  Immediately after turning, we ran around on some rocks in the middle of the river.  After another small panic by Cynthia and Patson pushing with our lone oar, we were free and heading back out to the larger river.  The boys and I thought it was great, I am not so sure about mom and Cynthia.

   Again, before you call the Child Welfare office, keep in mind that life vests really wouldn’t have helped.  The crocs definitely would have gotten us even with life vests Smile.

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  1. August 15, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Ahem! I did not panic when we hit the sand bar and I did not freak out when I saw two huge crocs coming toward me whilst sitting in a boat with sides only 6 inches high. I merely grew a tiny bit concerned, and as you said, wisely moved toward the center of the boat.

  2. Bonnie Moeller
    August 16, 2013 at 12:14 am

    You guys have been really having an interesting time of it. Your mom will have lots to tell.

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