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Boys and their toys – Justin

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment


Justin had his friend, Renardo (a Zambian friend about his age) help him make a “galimoto’” (automobile in Nyanja) out of our juice box. Twigs for axles and plastic bottle caps for wheels. These types of toys are very common here many of which are much more elaborate than this one. In fact, I recently saw one large enough that a stuffed animal served as the driver.


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Boys and their toys – Jared

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment


As you know, kids can make guns out of anything. This one is made from papaya stalks and large rusty nails. Both of which seem to be plentiful around the campus, much to our dismay.  Jared enjoys soccer the most, but can spend hours outside with his friends.

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Boys and their toys–Jason

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment


The boys just recently returned to school (Praise the Lord). The boys had long days to play so I thought I would share a bit of their fun.

Jason isn’t as interested in playing outside as his younger brothers, but reptiles and the like will always draw him out. Chameleon’s are Jason’s favorite. In addition, the boys are trying to raise money to buy Lego’s when we get back to the US and have made and sold lemonade and other items. The latest is a “tadpole kit”. They captured tadpoles from a pond at school and are selling them with a habitat (plastic bottle with water and weeds) and a two page guide to caring for them (created by Jason) for 2,500 kwacha (50 cents).

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I am connected again…

August 25, 2011 1 comment

I'm connected again (Small)

   After many months of deliberation, I have decided to begin blogging again. I had been doing very poorly at keeping my old blog current, but my recent purchase of a new camera (thanks Jason and Gwen for the delivery) has motivated me to try again.

  I plan to focus on photos that I have taken to give me a reason to blog.  I am learning a lot about photography and have taken a few photos that are worthy of sharing with others (the photo above isn’t one of them, but I needed something to keep with the theme).  On a trip to South Africa earlier this year, I picked up a new directional wireless antennae which has made a huge difference in our connection reliability.  Please note the high quality installation Smile.

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